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INNER QUEST is 'Jonathan & Sasha's interpretation of InnerDance, a modality that originated in Philippines through Pi (its founder).

It is the most accessible, simple, yet deep and profound way to facilitate transformation and healing, while re-connecting
people with their innate healing abilities and trust in Life.

This transformational method allows for profound insight to occur naturally (without ingesting any substances) as you relax into a deeper awareness of Self. 

Within the safe space of this transformational container, participants will be empowered to release and let go of old limiting beliefs, stories, unprocessed emotion and tension within their inner world and the nervous system.

Hear from our Participants

What are the elements of INNER QUEST?

MUSIC - corresponding to brain wave frequencies (Delta, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma)





Music used in INNER QUEST is a specifically designed playlist that mimics the circadian rhythm in the body, thereby taking the participant on an Inner Journey. The 12 stages of transformation are typically mapped out and experienced as a result of this musical structure.

This modality encourages true meditation - allowing what is to simply BE, as you observe and witness your inner world and whatever is presenting itself for healing, integration or celebration. And the best part - no experience necessary, INNER QUEST is accessible to everyone!

Jonathan and Sasha are professional energy intuitives and space holders, and are guided by the energy of the group to provide healing touch to the participants. This intuitive and appropriate touch can range from touching the feet, the meridian points, the energy centres or knees.

In order to heal, we must feel. In order to truly feel, we must feel safe and held. Jonathan & Sasha provide a sacred space for the participants to feel safe to fully feel and let go of whatever is no longer serving them. 

The journey includes the use of various musical instruments, as well as essential oils, to further guide the participants into their senses. The various sounds often enhance the altered states of consciousness experienced during the journey, as participants are reminded of the Beauty that is Life.

INNER QUEST participant, Oakville, Canada

"I felt like the Universe gave me the biggest hug after the worst, most challenging 4 years of my life. A very therapeutic experience for me and an immense release." 

Meet the Facilitators

Jonathan and Sasha are transformational guides and space holders with a mission to facilitate healing, authentic connection & expression, and empowerment of men and women to do their inner work for the upliftment of humanity.

They have spent the last 20+ years (combined) in their own healing journeys, awakening to their inner power and innate freedom to live and love life fully. After 5 years of living in Costa Rica full time, they are now travelling the world and supporting others in their awakening.

Offer your Space

We are open to collaborating with yoga studios, event spaces and private villas.

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Your contributions go to providing free tickets to those with financial constraints.

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