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2024 Sacred Pause Retreat Schedule

For Empathic Space Holders & Leaders of Change Experiencing Burnout


May 13-20th Retreat - Costa Rica
at Heaven & Earth Sanctuary


November 16-23rd Retreat - Mexico
Haramara Retreat

Image by Etienne Delorieux

Private Single or Group Retreat
Costa Rica or Canada


Jamie | Transformational Hynpotherapist

I highly recommend Jonathan MacCaul and Sasha Nova for their exceptional ability to facilitate transformative change and elevate consciousness.

Their unique gifts and tailored healing protocols far surpass what I have personally experienced in over 30 years within the field of wellness and evolutionary consciousness.

Personally experiencing their integrity is the key to realizing profound benefits. Grateful for their dedication in guiding me through tough times.


Florentine | Theta Healing

I've participated in a few events that Jonathan and Sasha facilitated, and have released so much energy that was no longer serving me that I feel like a new human right now!

Jonathan and Sasha are such profound space holders, they create a powerful safe place for deep healing to happen, while also keeping the space gentle and profound.

I really recommend them from my heart.


Daniel | Dreamporting

The rare combination of Jonathan's training, integrity commitment, and compassion allowed him to become one of my most valuable teachers to strengthen and prepare me for the life I chose to live.


Natalia | Bee Me Project

So much of the work with Sasha has been about trusting the energy and the flow, trusting my own intuition and heart to know what is best for me.

Reflection of Sasha's light showed me what was already within me deeply, but what I was resisting - the magic of energy. Because of Sasha's reflection of sensitivity to energy and being so accurate, I realized that I too have this ability and can embrace, open and Serve with it!

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Select the dates and location above.

Step 2: Provide a deposit to claim your space or get on an Alignment Call

Step 3: Wait for our team to connect with you to setup a payment plan and preparation guidelines.

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